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"Der Hochwasserpass"

Measurements against Heavy Rain and Flooding


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Future World


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Free the Forced

An initiative against forced marriage


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Dear team of setara neo,

Though many days have passed since I am back from Russia, I still have a long lasting impression on your event. I can tell with certainty, that this event belongs to one of the most impressive ones I ever experienced. Hereby, I want to express my particular gratitude for the perfect organization. Especially to Dunja and Volker, thank you very much - you have done a fantastic job! 

Martin S.

Head of Trademarking

setara neo has managed to put themselves into our shoes and to make our clients´objectives come alive by long lasting live experiences. We are looking back on a fascinating Opening-Event in Singapore, entirely designed in detail. Both, in conception and realization, setara neo convinced us by creativity and professionalism. That´s the way successful Live-Marketing works.

S. Coban

Head of Marketing Services, Carl Zeiss AG


Perfectly organized, highly dedicated partners, exceptional and exclusive experiences, best culinary pleasures, harmonic combination of the group and the best opportunity to build and maintain business contacts. The time just flew by, I look forward to the next upcoming event. Wishing to setara neo a continuing success for the future.

Stefan Reisner

Head of Business Development, Xerox Services

Dear Dunja, we appreciate the innovative feature of setara neo networking structure and it will be hard to find a worthy follower to surpass the high level of success you and your team once created. We thank you for these truly unique performances!

MY Kim

Samsung HQ, President/HA

Positive feedbacks from our area managers and also from our Top 10 Key accounters, allow us to come to only one conclusion:  The Event was a great success. I wish to extend my cordial thanks for this excellence cooperation and personal commitment of the setara neo team to this Event. This cooperation has made the success possible in the first place.

S. Maybaum

Managing Director, Postbank AG


Your travel program and the time I have spent in Brazil for the Soccer World Cup was absolutely unbelievable. You did not only succeed in meeting one´s lifelong dream - you even have exceeded it! Grazie... Bravo... Bravissimo!

Roberto B.

Participant World Cup 2014

And once again, setara neo has gone a step further! The best conference week in Singapore ever! Rarely an agency has cooperated with such great personal commitment!

Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer

Carl Zeiss AG



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Dunja Habib

Founder & Managing Director

Head of Business Operations and Events

Volker Valerian Motsch

Head of Conceptual Design and Communication

Master Degree in Advertising Psychology and  Design
Innovation Digital Experience –CPD Certified in Digital Marketing
& Social Marketing & ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Beate Pütz

Director of Production & Media  

Master Degree in Business Administration

Dimitri Braun

Project Manager - IT Solution & Development

Master Degree in Business Administration


Fluffy Office Support & Head of Grateful Dogs

New Guinea Singing-Dog



Project:  "Free the Forced
- An initiative
against forced marriage"

Planning & Realization
in Cooperation with Samsung Group
1xGold, 1xSilver 4x Bronze

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  • Best Integrated Campaign led by Mobile
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Wheel of Fortune,


Floodlabel is an innovative and useful certificate for location analysis. It is aimed at object evaluation for existing houses and projects for constructions - either for commercial or private properties. The Holder of the Floodlabel Certificate is in possession of a well-founded risk-evaluation about his house and is provided with practical advices. These precautionary advices will help every homeowner to decrease floodrisk. 



In addition, the Floodlabel serves as proof for each individual building’s  floodRisk,  floodSafety or floodAdjustment. Furthermore the Floodlabel forms an additional basis for a responsible selling, renting or update of elementary insurance, as the risks for flood, backwater, and heavy rain are separately stated and rated herein.


setara neo is interacting as strategical initiative between political organizations, public associations and scientific institutions. We consult associations who take over responsibility for the development and realization of solutions and prevention actions against natural hazard events.

Therefore setara neo is cooperating with international associations for Floodwater-Risk-Management. This Network is forming the backbone of the Floodlabel by its acknowledged expertise and experience.



These so called Science Base partners were driving their researches and compiling their results into an algorithm for more than 4 years until the DNA-formula for the Floodlabel solution was completed. This formula enables a transfer function to an assessment matrix - approved by Germany´s certified and known specialists and associations from the water industries.




In view of the forecast increase in natural disasters in the coming years and the extreme weather conditions, a great challenge to politics and society is posed. Not least, because both - the economy and every human beeing is affected in a very long term way. 


These solutions relate to preventive measures against natural hazard events and can be tailored to any individual natural hazard issue of a country. Earthquake, coastal flood, danger of avalanches e.g. are just some of the extendable variables because the key is given by the assessment´s algorithms. 

The derived measures provide the solution for one global core issue: How to raise awareness - How to call for action - and: How to get this result on a long-term sustainable basis. 

Have a look at the pioneer work of the Floodlabel concept: Germany´s Hochwasser-Pass. Feel free to contact us for any sales & marketing issues:

Germany’s FLOODLABEL – Der Hochwasser-Pass


The results of Germany’s flood damages within the last years suggest that claims payments are destined to grow. Insurance Companies already had to pay out claims of 1.8 Billion Euros, in addition the Federal Government of Germany had to invest 6.0 Billion Euros for reconstruction works. It has to be realized that the frequency and scale of extreme events is continually rising: In 2014, where damage costs were amounted to 330 Million Euros, the disbursements for only one single natural hazard event amounted in 2016 to 1 Billion Euro.

(Data Source:,


  • The Federal Water Act in Germany has prescribed by a new law that every citizen is committed to personal provision. From a purely economic point of view, this law will also have an increasing impact on damage claims in future. 
  • Natural hazard events, fatalities and damages are showing clearly that many citiziens are in urgent need of relevant information. Only by knowing which risk factor applies to their direct surrounding and could affect them, citizens are able to better assimilate to the precautionary measures. Precautionary measures can only be performed if the dangers are known: 
  • They need to be freely available.
  • They have to be clearly understandable and need to give a benefit to the citizen.
  • These measures have to relieve the impact for politics, insurances, industries and taxpayers.


The Platform Floodlabel is filling this knowledge gap. Owners of private and commercial properties don´t get only binding information about the flooded zones, but moreover precautionary advices that apply only to their properties. 

This basic task is performed by a freely available self-disclosure - developped by the science base within 2 years. Therewith the user is already able to identify wether he can reduce the dangers or even avoid them by implementing the proposed measures on his own. 

The Floodlabel Certificate itself is available by the next step: By engaging a skilled person to certify the current state of the property. Germany’s Water Industry Association and further partners of the Science Base train these expert operators in seminars. 

A visualized level of danger in the document with collecting marks for own-performed measures will be issued and enables any owner and non-expert by this simplified model to understand the evaluation at any time.


The Floodlabel meets THREE most basic requirements of this issue: 


  • Call for Action 
  • Improvement of insurability 
  • Improvement of property value - as also risks for natural disasters are professionally evaluated 


Germany’s floodlabel comprises the potential hazards fluvial flood, heavy rain, high-level groundwater and backwater from the sewer system. 

Added Value

For citizens: The Floodlabel is a novelty for citizens and industry for active elucidation, realization of precautionary measures and increases the prevention against natural hazard events.

For insurance industry: The Floodlabel guarantees an optimization of the current damage precaution.

For Federal Government and Ministry for Environment: The Floodlabel represents the first potential opportunity for a global and sustainable citizenship education. This impact is an improving influence to the current problem chain: Because once the government and the ministries start paying claims, it finally affects the taxpayer.

Next Steps

As all processes of the Floodlabel have successfully concluded their test phases, it is proved that the Floodlabel is fully adaptabel on any country. The specific natural constraints (e.g. coast, mountains) can be adjusted or replaced in the patented evaluation matrix. Furthermore it does ensure the properties’ individual evaluation.

A special recognition and appreciation is to be expressed to the Science Base core team of the HKC (HochwasserKompetenzCentrum) members: Dr. Thomas Hartmann, University Utrecht (NL) |                 Mr. Marc Scheibel, Wupperverband (GER) and Mr. Georg Johann, Managing Director of HKC (GER).




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